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Recommended care here must be respected to promote healing. Note that after the surgery it is normal to feel some discomfort and swelling.

The crowns and bridges usually take two appointments. During the first visit, we make a first impression of the teeth to be replaced. Then we install temporary crowns or bridges to protect your teeth until the teeth or replacement is ready.

Day of Surgery

  • It is possible that you make a slight fever.
  • If necessary, the medication prescribed or recommended by our team.


  • Do not take hot drinks when you are under anesthesia.
  • Avoid hard or sticky foods (gum, candy).


  • Try to eat on the opposite side.

The next day until recovery

  • Brush your teeth normally, but be careful with dental floss to avoid dislodging the temporary crown.
  • If a temporary crown comes off, please come back so that we can re-cement. This is to prevent other teeth from moving and not to compromise the installation of the new tooth.

If you feel pain, have trouble closing your mouth, or have questions, call us.

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